Altech ALritma Xtra Label Applicator

Where linear speeds, production rates, autonomy and labelling precision are peculiar elements for functioning of systems with high investment value it is available a model particularly performing version of the ALritma (model of proved reliability during the 5 years of its spread on the world market) called ALritmaXtra: is stronger and harder in the structure than the starting model; and it is also equipped with a 350 mm diameter unwind unit and an oversized and motorised rewinder unit for the silicon paper, to get more working autonomy: crucial characteristic, this, above all when at 60 m/min (80 options) linear speeds and 800 pieces/min cruising rate, the unwind exhaustion happens quickly.

In extreme cases it´s possible to resort also to a - no-stop - device between two labelling machines in cascade connection, that allows the unwind change without stopping the line. The ALritmaXtra machine body is IP55 and the control box is anti water INOX.