Altech ALcode LT Label Applicator

ALcode LT is a real time print/apply system for labels, developed specifically for all those applications that require compactness and low cost. It mounts the new SATO LT 408 printing module, able to print labels up to 104 mm width, at a speed of 150 mm/sec and with a definition of 200 Dpi.

The label application devices are most those of ALcode range, but re projected in many parts to respond to the needs of compactness and versatility typical of this model. There is the air jet application for irregular products that move also at high speed, the application by swinging roller for labels of different shapes and the application by piston for still products.

The ALcode LT logic is controlled by microprocessor. The electronics and the pneumatics result harmonically integrated in the strong mechanics that supports the 220 mm diameter unwind unit and the printer, so that the machine results particularly small and light: easy to fit in narrow spaces of packaging lines or in packaging machines.