Bandall banding systems, hi-tech bundling

Bandall is a Dutch developer, manufacturer and distributor of a complete range of banding equipment. From simple stand-alone machines to fully automatic solutions. You can add to the standard machine options such as external reel holders and printers.

The fully automatic systems are modular in construction and can be used for a wide variety of applications. The machines have few mechanical parts and many standard components. Two features which lead directly to low operating costs. The machines are available in various arch sizes for the banding of very small to very large products. With paper and film bands of 28, 40, 48, 60, 75, 100, 125 and 150mm wide.


The seven JOYS of Bandall bundling machines

  • Very high production capacities possible and yet damage-free and reliable
  • International patent on unique technology
  • Extremely low maintenance costs and energy-efficient
  • Considerable reduction in packaging material, thanks to wafer-thin bands
  • Very short delivery times (often from stock)
  • Dutch technology
  • Clean, odour-free and smoke-free, thanks to the 'Ultra Clean Seal' system

Banding machines stand alone

Stand-alone Bandall equipment lends itself extremely well to manual feed, and to installation in fully automated production lines.

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Fully Automatic Banding Machines

All fully automatic models perform excellently in demanding production environments. Such as the food industry and the pharmaceutical industry. Bandall installations can be seamlessly integrated into any existing production line.

Bespoke band labeling solutions

The basis is always Bandall banding technology. From this starting point we work together with you and our project engineering department to reach the correct solution for you.

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Bandall Modular Range

ThA complete Bandall banding system can be delivered in separate modules. And can be integrated into any required situation. Flexible and customer-focused.

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Stacking and bundling

Bandall also supplies solutions specifically for stacking and bundling. From stacks of 2 or other multiples and products of all sizes, we have the solution. One example is the Bandall TRLS-ST fully automatic stacking and bundling model. Also multi-head installations, multiple bands and cross-banding options.

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