Altech ALcode P Label Applicator

A specific version, ALcode P represents the latest evolution by ALTECH of pallet labelling machines.

The system is able to print and apply A5 format SSCC labels onto two adjacent faces of a pallet (normally front and side) in accordance with the EAN 128 standard (also on three sides if required), providing high reliability, print and apply quality, operations up to 120 pallets/hr.

This print/apply system represents a particularly interesting evolution in the field of pallet labelling machines.

The external structure of the machine has been recently redesigned and is now more ergonomic, thanks to the control panel smartly integrated in the protection cabinet and the (optional) touch screen panel that allows to manage the information to be printed and the applicator logic.

Altech ALcode P Standard Features:

The first device is the traditional ALTECH applicator with orthogonal axes, which moves on solid rolling guides and can apply labels on two (front + side ) or three (front + side + back) faces of a pallet. Such an applicator, which can label pallets of different sizes in real time, is one of the classics of ALTECH production, and the dozens of units already installed show its reliability and versatility in the most diverse applications and working environments.

The second applicator was designed "from scratch" from an original idea of ALTECH designers and offers a simplified, more economical solution for the application of two labels (front + side) on pallets of the same size. This system is equally reliable and capable of labelling pallets of irregular shapes and sizes. The application device, which features an innovative application arm with a "rotating" movement and can be activated via a motor, represents a real novelty.